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Admin tips and tricks on JIRA Software 7.3.x

A lot of improvements have been done to JIRA Software over the past month, I will introduce here the features that are for me a « game-changer », especially during and after platform upgrades.


During an upgrade to JIRA Software 7.3.x, you will have to explicitly start JIRA after all upgrade tasks are completed: it was a pain in the ass before when you had to upgrade several versions of JIRA Software in a row, because after start-up the platform will reindex all issues which can take a lot of time depending on the number on issues you have in your Atlassian platform.

Disabled non-system add-ons

If you are a relentless JIRA system administrator like I am, I’m sure you faced few time the famous JIRA Lock error :

It’s a common mistake to forget to disable all non-system add-ons before on upgrade, even if now you can easily control and check the compatibility of all your add-ons directly in the Add-ons administration section of JIRA Software.

JIRA Software admins have a powerful way to disable all non-system add-ons at once: add the –disable-all-addons option to your JIRA start command !!! Your platform will start without failing and you will be able to manage all add-ons in the JIRA Software add-ons administration page.

Excel export option

One thing that a lot of users will complain in all organization I guess is the Export Excel feature that has been removed by default since JIRA Software 7.2.x. To activate it again for all your end users :

  • find your or create the file under your $jirahome folder
  • add a property as follow: jira.export.excel.enabled=true and save your file
  • restart JIRA Software

Application server memory

Last thing but not least, JIRA Software 7.3.x needs memory to start and handle your load, especially on a single server (server version). If you plan to upgrade from an old JIRA version to JIRA Software 7.3.x, tune your Atlassian platform depending on the number of concurrent users, the number of issues and comments, the number of projects and custom fields in your organization:

By introducing a lot of great features in the product, it needs more memory to be able to use all features easily with good web performances.