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The Group Members List macro allows all users on Confluence to be able to display members of a group with display options.

Build your own Docker Image with Bitbucket Pipelines

I already spoke about Bitbucket Pipelines in a previous article (here it is, in french), and since few months, I’m having a lot of fun with a new feature of this product: we are now able to build our own Docker Images and push it to a Docker Hub repository thanks to pipelines scripts and […]

Atlassian Products Release Notes

I found it hard to have a single page with all links to all major Atlassian products release notes. So here it is… a simple page to refer to all major Atlassian products release notes.   What are Release Notes ? Release notes are documents that are distributed with software products, sometimes when the product is still […]

Découvrez Bitbucket Pipelines, adoptez la DevOps attitude !

Bitbucket Pipelines ouvre un nouveau chemin vers l’Intégration Continue et le Déploiement Continue de n’importe quel projet logiciel : en combinant Git comme répertoire de code source et Docker pour l’environnement de test et de déploiement, Bitbucket Pipelines permet d’automatiser rapidement votre projet de développement et de tester ce dernier de manière fiable, automatique et […]

Transformez votre CONFLUENCE en portail documentaire collaboratif

CONFLUENCE 6.x : nouvelles fonctionnalités Pour ceux qui ont raté l’évènement Atlassian de l’année dernière, évènement car il s’agit de LA nouveauté de fin 2016 chez Atlassian, LA version de CONFLUENCE qui change tout ou presque pour moi… voici quelques grandes lignes ou rappels sur les dernières fonctionnalités de CONFLUENCE 6.0 et les versions suivantes […]

Treat your employees as your customers using JIRA Service Desk

ITSM and ITIL are clearly subjects that all companies are now talking about. Having known procedures and processes to plan, deliver, operate and control information technology services offered to customers or internal employees is clearly “in the move” and it’s for me the real future of computing services. An IT team is an important team […]